Solutions to Help You Build a More Effective Team

At Tango Training, we approach everything from the perspective of team building. Whether your people need to develop new skills, improve awareness, change attitudes or reinforce values, they usually need to do it as a team.

Need to improve customer service, internal communication or management effectiveness? We can deliver a custom program for your entire team.   Whether your opportunities are at the leadership level, the front lines or somewhere in between, we can develop a program to bring your people to the next level.

Custom Onsite Training
Custom development doesn’t have to be expensive and time-consuming. All we need is a few minutes on the phone with the right person or people in your organization; once we understand a key information about your specific goals and challenges, we can tweak our standard material to meet your needs.  Of course if you prefer a more in-depth approach, we can also spend the time it takes to conduct full interviews and develop a custom program from scratch.  Whatever your available time and budget, we can work within it.

Custom Training Development
Do you need a program for your team but lack the budget to bring in a professional trainer? Or perhaps you already have a professional trainer in-house, but lack the time to develop the program itself. Our custom programs are built specific to your needs, whatever they may be.

Meeting and Event Facilitation
Effective teams need to have effective meetings. Effective meetings come from effective processes. We offer two types of meeting facilitation to help you guide and/or develop these processes to make your next event more productive and successful.

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